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Crossroads General Store Aerial Photo - Late 1960's aerial photograph.

A History of the Crossroads at NYS Routes: 17K & 208

A farming community's general store:

The structure and location of what is now, Camillo's at the Crossroads Restaurant, was originally owned and operated

as a general store in Orange County's rural farm country by two Evans families.

The first Evans family was totally unrelated to the second Evans family.  Locally produced Scott & Bowne's Fish Oil was sold here and distributed to a New York City pharmacy as well. 



Mrs. Lipincott's cooking stoves arrive and homestyle fare begins!

In the early 1940's the Lipincotts purchased the site, and continued operating as a general store. 

Eventually their business was developed into a popular luncheonette.

Old Mrs. Ben Lipincott is still talked about for her homemade pies.

One can see her in old photographs standing proudly before her wares and fresh baked fare.

In the 1970's the Lipincotts sold everything to the Fischers.


The general store becomes the – CROSSROADS RESTAURANT:

Crossroads General Store Aerial Photo - Late 1960's aerial photograph.

The Fischers enlarged the structure and Bob (a German trained chef) and Lousie Fischer transformed the landmark into yet another popular venue.  Featuring German American Cuisine, with 180 seats, 3 large dining rooms, a bar/lounge area, and big neon sign outside – the Fischer family owned and operated the Crossroads Restaurant from the early 1970s for 25 years.  In 1995, Chef Bob Fischer passed away, and the German American run of the CROSSROADS RESTAURANT had its final curtain call. 





The Scott’s Corners Destination …

July 27 , 1961
July 19, 1962 August 31, 1961 July 13, 1961 May 3, 1962 November 16, 1961

… with a History of Family Dining

And today


On May 28, 1997, Chef Chris Camillo rolled up his sleeves and re-opened the Crossroads Restaurant with American Regional Cuisine.

This historic intersection once traversed by farm familes in horse drawn hay wagons; roller skating and sleigh riding kids down its vacant expanse in the 50's;  hippies enroute to the 1st Woodstock Music Festival in the 60's; was so heavily trafficked by 2000 that the State widened and installed turning lanes in all four directions.  Camillos at the CROSSROADS RESTAURANT, once the Evan's General Store, now sits even closer to the north/south/east/west epicenter of town.

Waiting at the traffic light, lucky motorists can indulge in the tease of cooking vapors escaping from Chef Camillo's kitchen:  steaming pots of fresh chowder, roasting garlic, steaks, salmon and seasonal specialties of the day.

Chef Owner – Christopher Camillo, a Culinary Institute of America, Hyde Park, NY Graduate, continues the legendary practice of serving authentic, fresh and deliciously big, hot meals at this location in the very heart of Montgomery, Orange County, NY. 

(Check out his list of credentials at locations spanning the US and the British West Indies on this site.)

County locals and travelers to the Hudson Valley's many fine destinations enjoy delicious, nutritious meals, fine service and genuine family atmosphere.  A dining atmosphere and restaurant art,  primarily lost to the kind of ubiquitous food service franchises found at every major interstate stop.  

Camillo's at the CROSSROADS RESTAURANT- A Big Old Restaurant – serves a fresh and varied selection of dishes, homemade desserts ('Mom' Camillo personally bakes the fresh pies and cakes), local roast coffees, hand made artisan liquors, cheeses and breads – All of superior quality.  Quality and variety generally found only in cutting edge NYC dining establishments. 

Big hot food, right here, ready when you are –  Camillo's CROSSROADS RESTAURANT.


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